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Gas Metering

Smart Gas Metering is a system consists of communication equipment, data loggers, sensors as well as back office software package for data acquisition, analytics and presentation.

From smart residential meters to complex C&I applications we have the metering solution for your need. Our range of smart gas meters excels in precision and usability. Meters are quickly and easily customized and adapted to various standards and specifications, but never on quality and safety.

  • Simple installation registration and pairing process
  • Assists consumers in reducing energy consumption
  • Leakage detection and safely instruction for gas return
  • Step Tariff and time-of-use (TOU) and complex tariffs supported
  • Local Survey (Up to 12 Month)
  • 8-Character backlit display with icons for status
  • Displays Total accumulated consumption, remaining credit and tamper status
  • Flexible Payment Methods: via Remote Recharge e.g. (SMS), RFID and Handheld Unit
  • Friendly Credit (avoids disconnection during unsocial hours, weekends and special days
  • Battery life >5 years, depending on operating mode and extends to 10 years by using power over RS-485 wires
  • Low battery warning raised near end of life
  • Isolation valve Option for detection of excessive closure for safety critical management
  • Option for local customer acknowledgement before opening gas
  • Alarm flag raised on meter display in case of excessive magnetic tamper or battery or cover open or valve closed
  • Ability to remotely connect and disconnect isolation valve