Advanced Single Phase Electronic Revenue Meter(Mk31A)

Mk31A is developed on the advanced metering platform which has an array of feature such as neutral current measurement and tamper detection.

Standards and Compliance
  • Class 1
  • IEC 62052-11, 62053-21
Key Specifications:
  • Nominal Voltage: 110V/220V – 240V
  • Operating Range: 0.7Un – 1.2Un
  • Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz, ±5%
  • CT Range: 5/10A (Ib)
  • WC Range: 60A, 100A
  • Power Consumption: <2.5VA
Dimension and Weight:
  • 152mm (H) x 88mm (W) x 59mm (D)
  • Weight: 446 g