Oil Filled Pressure Gauge

Case: Stainless steel case

Bezel: Crimped St.st.304 I or Bayonet St.St.304

Window: plexiglass I glass Movement and thread: brass Bourdon tube: brass

Dial and pointer: aluminum

Liquid filled: glycerine oil I silicone oil

Dial: 1.5″(40mm) I 2″(50mm) I 2.5″(63mm)l 3″(75mm) I 4″(1OOmm)

Accuracy: 2.5% I 1.6% I 1%

Range: 0+1, 0+4,0+6, 0+25,0+100, 1+0 Bar & Psi, or Customized


  • BM (bottom connection)
  • BMR(bottom connection with rear flange)
  • BK(central back connection)
  • LBK(Low back connection)
  • CBKF(central back connection with front flange) LBKF(Low back connection with front flange) BKU(central back connection with U-clamp)

Thread: 1/8″BSP,1/4″BSP,1/2″BSP or other

Operating temperature: Ambient: -40+60 ˚C

Media: ± 60 ˚C