Process Gauge

Dial: 4-1/2″(115mm)

Case: Black fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic,(POCAN} Solid front, blowout back Turret-style case, with built in rear flange lugs

Pointer: Aluminium, with adjustable pointer

Window:  Double safety glass

Internal: 316 stainless steel, less than 1000 PSI, C-type,more than 1500 PSI, Helical type

Liquid filled: glycerin Fillable

Pressure element: 316L stainless steel, <100 bar :C -type,      1OObar: helical type

Accuracy:+/- 0.5% or +1-1.0% Temperature:-40+71 ˚C Thread: 1/2″BSP

Range: 0+11 kgf/cm2  & Psi or customized