Three Phase CT/WC Smart Meter(Mk6N)

Utilizing the same advanced meter design and firmware platform as the original Mk6, Mk6N meter updates this platform to address new IEC standards and to incorporate an updated power supply and input protection technology utilized by our latest range of energy meters.

Standards and Compliance
  • Class 0.5S, Class 1 and Class 2
  • IEC 62052-11, 62053-21 (Class 1), 62053-22 (Class 0.5S), 62053-23(Class 2)
Key Specifications:
  • Nominal Voltage: 57V – 240V (phase to neutral)
  • Frequency: 45Hz – 65Hz
  • CT Range: 1/1.2A, 1/2A, 1/4A, 1/6A, 5/6A, 5/10A and 5/20A
  • WC Range: 10/100A, 20/100A and 25/100A (Class 1 only)
  • Burden: <0.5VA/phase
Dimension and Weight:
  • 260mm (H) x 173mm (W) x 93mm (D)
  • Weight: 2 kg (standard) and 2.2 kg (with SCADA card)